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The Faculty of Part-Time Studies

Dean of the Faculty

Aleksandr S. Gaponenko
Aleksandr S. Gaponenko
Science degree
Candidate of Technical Sciences
Associate Professor
(812) 315-26-37
СМК РД 7.3.204-2016 «Положение о факультете безотрывных форм обучения»
(812) 457-83-20, (812) 457-85-60, (812) 315-26-37, 58-560
(812) 310-98-00
Saint Petersburg, 9 Moskovsky pr., Emperor Alexander I St.Petersburg State Transport University, Office 7-538
Work time:
Пн-чт: 8:30-17:30
Пт: 8:30-16:30
Перерыв с 12:00 до 13:00
Nona G. Kobozeva
Nona G. Kobozeva
Deputy Dean - The Faculty of Part-Time Studies
(812) 315-26-37

Part-time learning is the most reasonable option for modern people accustomed to the rapid pace of life. And the quality of education at the Faculty of Part-Time Studies meets all modern standards: improved teaching methods and programs allow students to obtain all the necessary knowledge. Part-time learning makes it possible to learn and work simultaneously. By graduation, the students already have solid work experience.

Four evenings a week, the University classrooms are filled with part-time (evening) students. All necessary classrooms, laboratories, computer classes are available.

The graduation theses have practical application. A lot of our graduates work at the enterprises of the transport and road construction industries.