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Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University PGUPS





Newspaper «Our Way» («Наш путь»)

Our life is our way and our vocation!

The newspaper «Our Way» is a dedicated and up-to-date source of information for professors, lecturers and students of Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University. PGUPS is one of the few universities in Russia that hasn’t given up the tradition of publishing a university newspaper even through the most difficult times.

First, the University’s wall newspaper «Our Way» had been published for five years since 1922. The very first issue of a regular printed newspaper was published in 1928. Such newspapers were assigned an important role in the system of educational work. New issues of «Our Way» were published weekly until the beginning of the war. On June 24, 1941, the last printing issue was published, but even during the blockade, the University’s wall newspaper kept being published. In 1954 the regular publication of the newspaper «Our Way» was resumed. In the 90s, PGUPS remained one of the few universities that, in the situation of economic and socio-political crisis, preserved large-circulation newspapers. Since the late 1990s — 2000s the newspaper «Our Way» became the official periodical printed edition of the University, acting as a corporate newspaper.

The newspaper «Our Way» is a publication that defines and unites the entire staff of the university in its target audience: administration, professors, students. As an official informational paper of the University, the newspaper is in charge of not only sharing information, but also creating corporate culture and university traditions.