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Students’ Targeted Contract Training

Targeted contract training is conducted in order to train a specialist for a specific customer (employer), at whose enterprise the graduate will be employed, in accordance with the terms of the contract, for a certain amount of time.

Targeted contract training is performed under a contract concluded between a citizen applying for training or studying in an educational program, and a federal state body, a local government body, a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur.

A contract on targeted training establishes the conditions under which a citizen masters an educational program, including:

  • level of education (secondary vocational or higher education);
  • code and name of the profession (professions), specialty (specialties), major field (fields) of study;
  • mode (modes) of study;
  • name of an organization (organizations) performing educational activities in which (in one of which) the citizen should master the educational program;
  • level of general education;
  • specialization (profile) of the educational program (educational programs).