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Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University PGUPS





Levels of education

Levels of Education

In accordance with Federal Law of 29.12.2012 № 273-ФЗ «On Education in the Russian Federation» (paragraph 5 of Article 10), the following levels of professional education are established in the Russian Federation:

  • secondary vocational education;
  • higher education — bachelor’s degree;
  • higher education — specialist’s degree, master’s degree;
  • higher education — training of higher qualified personnel.

Our University provides training for all the listed levels. The list of implemented programs and specialties can be found in the relevant sections:

  • secondary vocational education;
  • higher education.

Forms of Study

In accordance with Article 17 of Federal Law of 29.12.2012 № 273-ФЗ «On Education in the Russian Federation», in the Russian Federation education can be obtained:

  • within organizations providing education;
  • outside of organizations providing education.

Students at PGUPS can study full-time or part-time.

The form of study in the main educational program for each level of education, profession, specialty, and training direction is determined by the corresponding federal state educational standards.