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Lyudmila M. Rodionova
Lyudmila M. Rodionova
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Saint Petersburg, 9 Moskovsky pr., Emperor Alexander I St.Petersburg State Transport University, Office 6-211
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Saint Petersburg, 9 Moskovsky pr., Emperor Alexander I St.Petersburg State Transport University, Office 6-210, 3-207, 1-314, 1-309, 6-103, 6-106
Elena G. Dyatlova
Elena G. Dyatlova
Deputy Director - Library
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Scientific and Technical Library of Emperor Alexander I St.Petersburg State Transport University (PGUPS) is the oldest and one of the biggest national libraries which collect publications referring to transport and civil engineering. Like the University itself, the Library is over 200 years old. Over a million books are kept in its funds.

There are such sections as Section of Educational Literature (office 3-207), Section of Socio-Political Literature (office 1-309), Section of Scientific Literature (office 6-210) and Section of Belles Lettres (office 1-314). Students of all forms of education have a free of charge access to card and electronic catalogues, can borrow books, magazines and documents or read them in the reading halls, use the Library’s computer network, get a piece of advice on the choice of publications.

To obtain admittance to the Library resources student have to get a library ticket in the first days of the academic year. It’s forbidden to give this ticket to another person. Books in the reading room of the Library are issued upon presentation of a library ticket. The ticket is kept by the librarian until the book is returned. Readers have to return books on time. It is necessary to return all the books and to re-register the library ticket before summer vacations. Penalty provisions are envisaged for Terms of Use violation and for the loss of Library books.

At the beginning of the academic year Library staff meets first-year students and familiarizes them with the Terms of Use and history of the Library, shows them how to use the finding aids. The exhibition “For You, Freshman” is organized in the Library at the beginning of each academic year.

Readers have got a possibility of access to the information resources and databases. Some of the resources and e-textbooks are available on-line at the PGUPS Library official website: http://library.pgups.ru/jirbis/index.php.

Visitors of the PGUPS Scientific and Technical Library have the opportunity to work with e-textbooks of Publishing House «Lan» («Лань») from any computer. To do this, readers have to logon in a Computer Lab (office 6-314) or to register on their own.

How to Register: Step-by-Step Guide

1. Authorize on the Library website ( http://library.pgups.ru), i.e. fill in two fields in the left corner:
  • Surname (Фамилия) – your surname in Russian (with no name and initials);
  • Password (Пароль) – the number of the barcode in your library ticket.
2. After the system “recognizes you”, you will see your first name, middle name and surname at the screen of your computer (for example, John Smith, Anna Petrovna Zaitceva).
3. After logging, select section “Electronic Resources” («Электронные ресурсы») in the main menu of the Scientific and Technical Library website.
4. In the section «Electronic Resources» («Электронные ресурсы») click on the link  http://elanbook.com (Publishing House «Lan»(«Лань») website).
5. You have to register once again on the publishing house website.
6. Carefully fill out a brief questionnaire. Username and password can be chosen voluntarily. We suggest using the same username and password as for logging on the Scientific and Technical Library website. Then the password will always be within easy reach and if you lose your library ticket the password will be saved in the reader's database.
7. After the registration, you will have an access to the full texts of books from any computer.
Презентация «75 лет Великой Победы. Дорога к Победе.»

Фонд Научно-технической библиотеки в настоящее время составляет около 1,3 миллиона единиц хранения. Фонд формируется на основании заявок кафедр Университета, действующих минимальных нормативов обеспеченности с учетом анализа каталогов издательств, рекомендаций Учебно-методического центра по образованию на железнодорожном транспорте (ФГБОУ «УМЦ ЖДТ»), электронных и других источников.

Приобретение всей литературы осуществляется в соответствии с Федеральным законом от 05.04.2013 N 44-ФЗ «О контрактной системе в сфере закупок товаров, работ, услуг для обеспечения государственных и муниципальных нужд».

Основная учебная литература по учебной дисциплине представлена учебником(ами) в печатном или электронном виде или учебным пособием, официально утвержденным в качестве учебника.

Библиотека Университета располагает следующими информационными ресурсами: электронным каталогом; ЭБС издательства «Лань» и размещенной на ее платформе электронной библиотекой Университета; базами данных: КОДЕКС, АСПИЖТ; электронной библиотекой grеbennicon.ru; электронной библиотекой диссертаций РГБ, электронной библиотекой МИИТ и др.

Автоматизация библиотечно-библиографических процессов осуществляется на базе Системы автоматизации библиотек ИРБИС.

Библиотека ежегодно выдает свыше 900000 изданий, около 7500 тематических справок, выпускает 12 научно-вспомогательных библиографических указателей, делает свыше 100 тематических выставок.

Вся полезная информация о Научно-технической библиотеке размещена на ее сайте.

Компьютерный класс НТБ

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