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Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University PGUPS





Basic information

Full name of the educational organization

Federal State Budget Educational Institution for Higher Education «Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University»

Shortened name of the educational organization


Date of establishment of the educational organization

The university was established by the manifesto of Emperor Alexander I of November 20 (December 2 N.S.) 1809.

Information about the founder of the educational organization

  • The University’s founder is the Russian Federation. The powers of the Founder in accordance with the order of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 31, 2004 № 1753-р are exercised by the Federal Rail Transport Agency.
  • Federal Rail Transport Agency Executive – Igor Koval
  • Russia, 105064, Moscow, Staraya Basmannaya street, 11/2 building 1.
  • Tel.: 8 (499) 262-38-4
  • E-mail:

Information about the location of the educational organization

Russia, 190031, Northwestern Federal District, St. Petersburg, 9 Moskovsky pr.

Contact information

  • Section of Documentation Support (Human Resources Department)
  • Tel.: 8 (812) 457-86-28; 8 (812) 310-42-03
  • Fax: 8 (812) 315-26-21
  • E-mail:
  • Website: