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Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University PGUPS






Abstract from the Charter

Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Education “Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University” (hereinafter – the University) is a non-profit organization founded by the Russian Federation to deliver services aimed at exercising the state policy in education and scientific research.

The University was established by Manifesto of Emperor Alexander I on November 20 (December 2, Gregorian calendar), 1809 and was named the Institute of Engineers of Means and Communication Corps.

The University is founded by the Russian Federation. The functions of the University founder are exercised by the Federal Agency of Railway Transport.

The University's activities conform to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, federal laws and regulations, decrees of the President of Russia, of the Government of the Russian Federation, of the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, Founders, and other statutory documents legally valid in the Russian Federation, and to the current Charter.

The University’s goals are as follows:

  1. to satisfy the public and state need in highly-skilled specialists (primarily for railway transport), as well as researchers of the highest qualification;
  2. to carry out fundamental and applied research, providing transport and other industries with innovative facilities, technological processes, normative documents, software, etc.;
  3. to satisfy individual demands for intellectual, cultural, and spiritual development by means of education;
  4. to attract the University employees and students to research work as well as to utilize the research results in the studies, to contribute to commercialization of science;
  5. to accumulate, conserve, and enrich the scientific, cultural and non-material public values.