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Press service

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Saint Petersburg, 9 Moskovsky pr., office 1-224

Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University is the first engineering and transport university in Russia, and, for more than two centuries, it has been and still is the leader in the field of Russian transport education. The Press Service’s objectives are to popularize engineering education, inform people about the University’s news and events.

We frequently participate in city, regional, interuniversity events, provide information support for the events held at PGUPS. International Scientific and Educational Project «Heritage of Betancourt» was launched in June 2015 by three universities — Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and École nationale des ponts et chaussées (Paris). It is coordinated by the Press Service and makes for a large and interesting part of our work.

We publish the University’s corporate newspaper «Our Way» («Наш Путь») and the photo newspaper «Our Life» — an illustrated overview of the main events held by PGUPS. Providing news articles for the PGUPS official website and social networks’ pages is also a part of our daily work.

Communication is the key to keeping up with the news. We maintain friendship and business cooperation with the University’s faculties and departments, as well as with our colleagues from other media sources all around the country. The Press Service has chosen the correct approach, which is confirmed by our victories in various competitions.

Carefully preserving two centuries of traditions, we boldly look into the future!