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Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University PGUPS


<p>Today Russian Language Center has agreements for educational services with:</p>

<ul><li>Alexander Pushkin Foundation (Madrid, Spain)</li>

<li>International St. Petersburg Institute, Taipei City (Taiwan)</li>

<li>Hosei University (Japan)</li>

<li>Austrian Society of the Russian Language and Culture (Vienna, Austria)</li>

<li>University of applied Sciences BFI (Vienna, Austria)</li>

<li>EBC Consultancy Ltd. (London, Great Britain)</li>

<li>S.I.S.E.S. (Tunisia)</li></ul>

<p>Russian Language Center offers cooperation to universities, institutes, educational institutions. We are ready to consider any cooperation proposals within our educational programs in Russian as a foreign language.</p>

<p>If your students need to improve their Russian language, it is better done directly in the language environment. Real interactions with Russian people are the best way to improve communication competence. In addition, living in the country of your target language increases the motivation to master it, keeps you in touch with the culture, mentality and life of the people, which in turn contributes to the further development of your Russian language proficiency.</p>