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Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University PGUPS





Student Science

Today, society needs specialists of a new formation — capable of self-education, of taking a creative approach to business.

For a modern specialist, it is vitally important to be able to navigate various scientific information, to master fundamental knowledge that make up the theoretical foundations of professional activity.

From their first year, PGUPS students enter the fascinating world of scientific research and development. The results of their first scientific research can be demonstrated at the annual student scientific and technical conference «Transport: Problems, Ideas, Prospects» held as part of the «Science Week» festival. If you win one of the prizes, you can publish your article in the university collection of student scientific papers. You can also participate in numerous youth competitions and conferences. Every year, in order to support research projects of students and postgraduates, the University holds a PGUPS grant competition.

The University’s departments conduct research projects where capable students can always be involved. By participating in such work, students get an opportunity to earn their first money for scientific research.

The Student Scientific Society plays an important role in involving students in the scientific life of the university, as a community of like-minded people interested in science.

Our University supports scientific research in numerous ways. And the specialists of the Section of Student Innovative Projects and Research Work ( are here to help in realizing your scientific potential and to support your scientific aspirations.