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Internship Section

СМК РД 7.3.76-2016 «Положение об Управлении воспитательной работы и производственного обучения Университета»
Saint Petersburg, 9 Moskovsky pr., Emperor Alexander I St.Petersburg State Transport University, Office 8-107

Educational internship

Educational internship differs depending on the program and takes place in training workshops and laboratories, in computer labs, at training centers and bases, at railway or other transport enterprises.

Industrial internship

The task of industrial engineering internship is to provide students with professional skills and production management experience. Industrial internship can take place at enterprises, organizations and research units of railway transport, transport construction or other.

Undergraduate internship

Undergraduate internship is meant to systematize and improve students’ knowledge and skills in their future profession, test how well the future specialists can solve specific industrial issues.

Undergraduate internship usually takes place at enterprises, at the request of which graduation thesis are made. The internship is held after the winter session of the 9th semester (February-March). Its duration is 4 weeks. Its features are determined according to the topic of the graduation thesis, as well as the needs of the enterprise in solving certain technical, economic, managerial and other problems.