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Round-Table Talks Held during Transport of Russia Exhibition

On December 2nd — December 8th, 2017, in Moscow Transport Week takes place — the annual business venture encompassing a number of national and international transport problems related events.

One of the main events of the Week is «The Transport of Russia» Exhibition that demonstrates technical know-how and achievements of transport branch. Our university is a traditional participant of this event.

On December 6th, at Roszeldor (Federal Railway Transport Agency) stand the round-table talks on publishing matters were held. Its moderator was Director of the Academic Centre for Railway Education Ms. Olga Starykh. The meeting was attended by Rector of PGUPS Mr. Alexander Panychev, Vice-Rector for Research Dr. Tamila Titova and Dr., Prof. Igor Kiselev, who gave a brief insight into books recently published at PGUPS.